The British television channel ITV is

talking to Piers Morgan, who is connected to the channel as a freelance presenter

, according to

The Hollywood Reporter


Morgan presented his program

Good Morning Britain on

Monday morning


questioned statements made by Meghan Markle in it and walked away when he was criticized for this by a colleague.

There was also a lot of comment on Morgan's performance on social media.

Carolyn McCall, the CEO of ITV, said on Tuesday that she would like to talk to Morgan to discuss his future at the channel.

Morgan is known for his many criticisms of Markle and Prince Harry.

Monday morning's show discussed the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In it, Markle said, among other things, that she was struggling with suicidal thoughts as a result of the great pressure she experienced.

The presenter questioned these statements, which was criticized by his colleagues.

Weatherman Alex Beresford accused Morgan of having an obsession with the famous couple.

"We now know that you don't like Meghan Markle, as you have made it clear several times in this program."

Morgan was once friends with Markle

Morgan previously told

The Late Late Show

that he has known Markle since 2016, when they met at a bar.

That same evening, the then


actress would have met Prince Harry.

Morgan and Markle then had dinner, but the presenter says he did not hear from her afterwards.

Beresford brought this story up again on Monday.

“Meghan had the right not to speak up again. But has she said anything about you since then?

"I'm done, see you later," was Morgan's response.

"Devilish behavior," the weatherman went on to say of Morgan's tirade.

"Piers can't control himself so often and then we all have to listen?"

The interview with the couple and Winfrey has been watched by 11.3 million people in England, the most watched program in 2021 so far.

In America, more than 17 million people tuned in to the conversation.

In the Netherlands it can be seen on Net5 on Tuesday evening.


I thought @piersmorgan didn't like snowflakes?


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