About 3.3 million people went to the final of

Wie is de Mol

on Saturday evening


according to figures from the KijkOnderzoek Foundation on Sunday.

That is not a record: in 2020 a little more people watched the final.

Then the showdown of the program was good for 3,567,000 viewers.

Note: This post contains spoilers.


Wie is de Mol?

viewers could see on Saturday how Renée Fokker was designated this season's mole.

Last week it had already become clear that Charlotte Nijs is the loser.

Rocky Hehakaija answered most of the questions correctly in the last round and is therefore the winner.

The prize pool included 9,675 euros.

The entire top 3 is filled by NPO1 programs:

about 2.5 million people watched


NOS News

from 8 p.m.

Matthijs Gaat Door

is in third place with more than 1.4 million viewers.

The day top 5 of Saturday, March 6

  • 1. Who is the Mol?

    (NPO1) - 3,348,000 viewers

  • 2. NOS News from 8 pm (NPO1) - 2,509,000 viewers

  • 3. Matthijs Gaat Door (NPO1) - 1,466,000 viewers

  • 4. Bankgiro Millionaires (RTL4) - 1,427,000 viewers

  • 5. Do I Know Much (RTL4) - 1,321,000 viewers