Event platform and the Alliance of Event Builders are offering the government a new roadmap to get out of the corona crisis and make events accessible again to a wider audience.

Spokesperson Jolanda Jansen told NU.nl about this.

The roadmap is referred to by the umbrella industry association as the National Event Plan.

The plan has been compiled by large and small organizations such as the KNVB, ID&T, Mojo and the Ziggo Dome, as well as trade fair organizers and suppliers and is aimed at public events and business events.

"Since March last year, we have been working with the government to organize events again in the safest possible way," says Jansen, also director of Rotterdam Ahoy.

'Current roadmap is based on caution'

According to Jansen, the government roadmap that is now in place is "incredibly complicated and based on caution".

What she thinks is missing in particular is a so-called 'level 0', on which the 1.5 meter rule no longer needs to be observed.

"An event based on that 1.5 meters is nowhere profitable in our sector and at the same time certainly not the new normal for a visitor."

That is the starting point of the National Event Plan.

In addition, you would not see the effects of vaccinations and rapid tests in the government roadmap, says Jansen.

"We believe that rapid testing is an important tool to be able to organize safely."

'From July 1, the 1.5 meters must be released'

Jansen understands that the government cannot simply move to the final goal without intermediate steps.

"This month, the Fieldlab Events will be completed, resulting in specific data and knowledge. In April we want to welcome the public again, taking into account the 1.5 meters. In May we will make a step around the Eurovision Song Contest and a month later the European Football Championship, where we expect to be able to scale up the capacity to hopefully 50 to - 70 percent with the help of quick tests and the Fieldlab results. As of July 1, the 1.5 meters must be released and the original capacity must be possible. "

The date of 1 July coincides with the date recently mentioned by the outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge, on which everyone in the Netherlands should be able to receive at least one vaccination.

Provided the number of available vaccines is sufficient.

The Event Platform and the Alliance of Event Builders, together with four ministries also the client for Fieldlab's corona test events, forced the government to offer perspective in a full-page advertisement at the beginning of the year.

At the time, they demanded clarity and perspective before 1 February, so that organizations could start preparing for the festival season.

"The government then indicated that it would set up a guarantee fund. But we are still waiting to see what the scheme will look like. That is very important to us. They must now show courage and continue to walk their talk. we are going to work on this. "

'It's a shame if we don't get everything out of it'

Jansen points out that the cabinet wants to scale up the testing capacity in order to reopen public life and is confident that politicians see opportunities in the sector's plan.

"The ingredients are there, now it's a matter of doing it. The public needs them and we want to do what we are good at again. The Eurovision Song Contest and the European Football Championship are calling cards for the Netherlands. It would be a shame if we were there. not getting everything out of it. "

Jansen also states that there is continuous contact with the cabinet at official level.

An appointment with the relevant ministers will be scheduled in the near future.