Bert Visscher was "finally taken out of his rhythm" last year by the corona crisis and noticed that he became lazy as a result.

"What I really like to do is perform, go out to dinner and travel to our house in southern Italy," the 60-year-old comedian tells the


"None of that is possible."

Still, he considers himself lucky.

"We are healthy, fortunately nothing is going on financially and I now have a lot of time with Pien and Mink (his wife and son, ed.)."

Visscher does miss "being broken on Friday evening, after four performances in a week. Reading the newspaper for a long time on Saturday in your dressing gown, eating out with the stuff and watching Mink's hockey game on Sunday. All with the pleasant feeling that you deserved it. , after a week of hard work. I'm getting lazy for the first time in my life. "

His wife therefore urged him to finally start the book about his career that he had wanted to write for some time.

"She was right, I had such fun with it."

The result,

That will never work

, will be published on Tuesday.