He was still sacred to the CDA under Prime Minister Balkenende: the mortgage interest deduction.

But now that interest rates are so low, it is losing its value and popularity.

Following the example of De Nederlandsche Bank, which parties want the deductible item for homeowners to be phased out more quickly?

More than 40 percent of voters consider the position on mortgage interest relief to be important in their voting choice, according to a poll by the Vereniging Eigen Huis among more than 1,300 people.

Yet it seems to be an underexposed theme in this campaign era.

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) recently issued a strong call to reduce the mortgage interest deduction much further.

The tax advantage drives house prices, increases the debt of the Dutch and creates inequality between buyers and tenants in the free segment, according to the advisory body.

"It is striking that there are more and more parties who find the mortgage interest relief unfair", says Marga Lankreijer of Independer.

"There is a good chance that a new cabinet will further reduce mortgage interest rates. Exactly what that will look like remains to be seen. It is already being phased out for homeowners who bought their home after 2013. This will happen automatically because they have to make repayments. In addition, The percentage is being phased out for all homeowners, even with an interest-only mortgage. "

This reduction is a political choice and dates from 2014, when (for higher incomes) 52 percent could still be deducted.

The current cabinet has accelerated that process and in 2023 the percentage will be 37.05, which is the lowest wage bracket.

On balance, this means that 8.8 billion euros in taxpayers' money will go to homeowners this year, an average of around 200 euros per month per household.

What do the parties want?


  • Gradually phase out mortgage interest relief

  • Do not completely abolish mortgage interest deduction

  • Use the proceeds for income tax relief


  • Do not phase out or abolish mortgage interest relief


  • Reduce mortgage interest relief step by step

  • Do not completely abolish mortgage interest deduction

  • Use the proceeds to reduce the notional rental value


  • Accelerated reduction of mortgage interest deduction

  • Abolish mortgage interest deduction completely

  • Loosening of hard mortgage conditions, so that monthly payments are lower


  • Accelerated reduction of mortgage interest deduction for mortgages above 350,000 euros

Labor Party

  • Slowly reduce mortgage interest relief

  • Use the proceeds to reduce the notional rental value

For an overview of all parties, visit Independer.nl.

CDA and PvdA want the reduction of interest deductions to reach homeowners who pay a lot in notional rental value.

The notional rental value is the amount that you must add to your taxable income if you have an owner-occupied home.

Because the interest to be deducted decreases for homeowners who bought after 2013, the balance becomes positive and you therefore pay income tax on the house.

GroenLinks wants to abolish the notional rental value.

The SGP wants to abolish interest deduction in twenty years and in return abolish transfer tax.

The current coalition of VVD-CDA-D66-ChristenUnie has abolished the transfer tax for buyers under the age of 35, from 1 April only for houses under 4 tons.

The Eigen Huis association has further inquired with the parties about what exactly they want with the mortgage interest deduction and other tax benefits for homeowners.