The programming of NPO3 is dedicated to Jeroen van Merwijk on Wednesday evening.

On the occasion of the death of the comedian, a recording of his theater show

Er zijn Nog Cards is


The episode of

Volle Zalen

, in which he was a guest last year, is also repeated.

Full Halls

presenter Cornald Maas visited Van Merwijk last year after he was told that he was terminally ill.

The comedian and songwriter said in the broadcast that he did not mind changing the temporary for the eternal.

"It was also beautiful once. I really want to sit down and take the time to die," said Van Merwijk at the time.

Van Merwijk thought his approaching end was sad for his wife, his twin brother and his mother.

"But I am not at war with anyone, so I can just die peacefully. Contrary to what people think of me, I am a sweet and kind person."

Van Merwijk died on Wednesday morning at the age of 65 from the effects of colon cancer.

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