Famke Louise can greatly appreciate the youth pop group K3, she says in conversation with

Nieuwe Revu


The 22-year-old singer thinks that the whole picture of the originally Flemish group is correct and is inspired by it.

"I never really liked the music of K3, but I really liked how they presented themselves and put their shows", says the artist.

"The complete picture is correct."

K3 has been active in various line-ups for over twenty years.

"I think it's really good that you can keep it up for years to come", says Famke Louise.

"All those kids are still listening to it and they have really become a fire. That inspires me to this day."

The singer therefore strives to become "just as big a brand as K3".

"You also see that development with Beyoncé and Rihanna. They both don't make much music anymore, but they market themselves in different ways. I understand that. When you get older, you want the focus at some point. on other things. "

Famke Louise receives a lot of negative reactions on social media.

For example, she is criticized for her singing skills, among other things.

In the coming period, she therefore wants to do things that prove otherwise.

"I'm going to do everything that people think I can't do, such as singing live. And when everything in terms of corona is over, I hope to put on a great show in AFAS Live or Ziggo Dome."

The singer is also inspired by her musical heroes from K3 for her big shows.

"I've been to one of those performances twice. Even though the concept was exactly the same, I loved it both times. When I'm going to give a show, people must feel the same enthusiasm."