Leo Blokhuis has to get used to his first time

De Verrukisjes 15

on NPO Radio 2 without Rob Stenders.

Stenders announced Tuesday to switch to Radio Veronica and was last heard on Radio 2 on Friday.

"This is weird," said the DJ at the start of the program on Sunday afternoon.

Since last year, the DJs have been jointly presenting the hit list

De Verrukisjes 15


"As far as I am concerned, Sunday afternoon will never be the same", Blokhuis said.

"We can't dwell on that all the time, but this is my first talk on this channel since it's all been known, so I can complain about that."

Blokhuis describes Stenders as his great music and radio friend.

"I'm going to miss that man like crazy, here on the channel anyway. And we also have each other's telephone number so that will all be fine."

It is not yet clear what will happen to the hit list.

"The scholars don't agree on that yet, except that that list has to continue. So we're just going to do that, we keep turning your choices here on Sunday afternoon."

On Tuesday it was announced that Stenders, who can be heard on NPO Radio 2 since 2015, will switch to Veronica.

There the DJ will present the


and he will become channel boss.