A surgeon in the US state of California tried to attend his trial on Thursday from an operating theater while operating on a patient.

The judge ended the hearing when he became aware of this.

The California Medical Board is investigating the incident.

Surgeon Scott Green had to avoid due to a traffic violation.

Due to the corona pandemic, the session was completed online.

The moment Green appears in the video call appointment, the clerk and judge see him in his surgical outfit, while the machines in the operating room are clearly audible in the background.

However, Green replied in the affirmative when the somewhat bewildered clerk asked if he could attend the hearing at this point.

According to the surgeon, this was possible because "there was another doctor present who could perform the operation".

Judge Gary Link, however, considered that irresponsible.

"I prefer to continue the case when you are not actively involved in the necessary assistance of a patient."

The fact that the hearing was live-streamed, which is mandatory in California in road traffic lawsuits, made both Link and the clerk visibly uncomfortable.

The California Medical Board said in a statement that it is investigating the incident, "because doctors are expected to treat patients according to medical standards."


US surgeon appears operating in online hearing