Ryan Fischer, the nanny of Lady Gaga's dogs, was gunned down in Hollywood on Wednesday night while walking three of the singer's dogs.

Two dogs were taken by the shooter,




Fischer was babysitting Lady Gaga's dogs, as she is currently in Italy shooting a movie.

He was shot at 10 p.m.

According to the

Daily Mail

, he was hit four times and taken to hospital in serious condition.

According to the authorities, two dogs have been taken.

The third dog that was let out ran away during the incident and was later found on the street.

It is not yet known whether it concerns one perpetrator or two perpetrators.

Nor is it clear whether Lady Gaga's French Bulldogs were the specific target.

It is a popular breed of dog in the United States that pays a lot of money.

There is still no trace of the perpetrator (s) and dogs.