Due to a landslide off the Italian coast near Genoa, part of a cemetery fell into the sea on Monday.

About two hundred coffins fell into the Ligurian Sea.

No one was injured, the fire department confirmed on Tuesday.

The landslide happened around 3 p.m. on Monday in the seaside town of Camogli.

The cemetery in the village was over a hundred years old and was built on the cliffs along the coast.

Two chapels were also destroyed by the landslide.

The mayor of Camogli calls the event an "unimaginable catastrophe".

According to experts, there would be no danger to other buildings in the area.

Authorities have been trying to rescue the coffins from the water by boats since Monday, but have been successful in only ten cases so far.

Five of those chests have been identified.

Whether the other coffins can also be saved depends, according to the mayor, on the power of the sea.

Workers of the cemetery were busy with repair work on Saturday and then saw the first cracks appear in the cliffs.

Work was then halted and the cemetery closed,




The public prosecutor in Genoa has started an investigation.

According to local authorities, extreme rainfall and violent storms may have played a role in recent years.


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The landslide also saw two chapels and

The cemetery in the coastal town of Camogli ...