As of Thursday it is no longer possible to place reactions under messages on the




The administrators of the website, against which singer Gordon recently reported, say that moderating "discussions takes a disproportionate amount of time".

"Because of the valuable reactions from the regular visitors and the fact that the comment section has been an important part of


for such a long time

, this is not an easy decision. We did not take it overnight," said a statement. read the website.

According to


, the website has experienced strong growth in recent years, which also resulted in an increase in hateful reactions among messages.

"For example,


, like other online platforms, is increasingly dealing with cross-border reactions. Notable examples of this were raised by SBS6 presenter Gordon last week. The reactions Gordon reported were immediately removed from our platform. This was accompanied by a heartfelt message. Excuse me. Of course any cross-border reaction is one too many. "

Gordon starts proceedings against Mediacourant

Gordon announced last week that he is starting


proceedings against



He demands, among other things, that the website provide him with the details of people who have left messages about him hate.

The 52-year-old presenter ordered the media website to remove all "inadmissible comments" and to provide him with all information known to her, such as name and IP address.

It was also

Media Courant

summed in the future to filter all the hateful comments, "so no

hate speech

against anyone targeted, will put more".

According to the presenter, a civil procedure would be started if the summons are not heeded.

It is not yet known whether Gordon will end the proceedings. is awaiting a response.