Stylist Leco van Zadelhoff is happy that the hairdressers can reopen in the Netherlands from 3 March.


RTL Boulevard he

says on Tuesday that hairdressers long for work and that the street scene also benefits from it.

"We are now starting to see the misery of corona. All hairdressers will be called flat, they can get started next week. And what I think is fantastic news is that not only those hairdressers, but also the entire beauty industry can get started."

52-year-old Van Zadelhoff could well understand if hairdressers are now counted among the essential professions.

"I know enough people who feel really deeply unhappy because that does not suit their hair. If you are already in this situation and your hair is not and you cannot go to the hairdresser ... It is not the most important thing, but it certainly gives self-confidence. "

According to Van Zadelhoff, hairdressers can guarantee the safety of their customers because there is a good protocol.

"Research has also shown that the hijackers have no (corona, ed.) Fireplaces that could cause this to occur. In principle, they can continue with that."

On Tuesday evening, the caretaker cabinet announced a number of relaxation with regard to the corona measures.

This includes the reopening of hairdressing shops in the Netherlands on 3 March.