According to


, a documentary about Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia

is being

worked on.

The garden center accidentally became the setting for a November 7 press conference by the team surrounding US ex-President Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and legal advisor to Trump, probably wanted to host a press conference at the well-known The Four Seasons hotel in the same city, but it appears that one employee made a mistake that ended up in an industrial estate.

During the press conference, which took place a few days after the US presidential election, Giuliani alleged that there had been widespread fraud during the election.

Those allegations were later completely debunked, with Joe Biden being named the new president of the United States with the most votes.

In the documentary, the owner and the business manager of Four Seasons Total Landscaping speak.

Director Christopher Stoudt is looking forward to starting production: "It is a privilege to tell the story that everyone wants to hear. And after such a hard year, we really need some humor."

Where and when the documentary will be screened is not yet known.