Gordon has hired a lawyer to defend himself against the image that he believes has been sketched in the media about his dealings with his French bulldog Toto,

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The singer does not accuse media personalities by name of libel in a statement.

"I have ordered my lawyer Jaap Versteeg to bring the media into court and to start proceedings on the merits from tomorrow to stop the libelous, defamatory statements made to my person once and for all," said the statement Gordon issued.

"I find it disgusting and reprehensible that the media call me an animal executioner and accuse that I would put my dog ​​in the garbage or that I would be on coke and drink again", the singer and presenter continues against

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Gordon is also not happy with the criticism that his colleague Gerard Joling expressed to the same medium about the relationship of the singer with his French bulldog Toto.

In January, Gordon bought the puppy Toto and started an internet series about his pet.

Animal welfare organizations then called on the singer in, among others, the


to stop the series because the health of the animal, which is of a breed that could quickly develop breathing difficulties, would suffer from the recordings.