Tim Hofman and the team with which he works on the YouTube series

BOOS were

initially surrounded by a group of fifteen people on Tuesday afternoon and then chased away.

BNNVARA, Hofman's client, will inform NU.nl of this when asked.



team was


this afternoon by a group of people during recordings. Their car was surrounded by about fifteen people who pelted the car with eggs and created a threatening atmosphere," said a spokesman for the broadcaster.

The team was able to drive away after the events and continue the recording day elsewhere.

BNNVARA Also let you know that the recordings are completely independent of the recent riots and unrest in the country.

Hofman himself expressed his frustration about disrupting the recordings on Tuesday.

"Hey, good luck voting for brutal parties that scorn journalists, make them suspect and incite the people against the wrong one and enjoy your conspiracy podcast where an infantile host tells that free press is the devil."

The experiences of Hofman and his team do not seem to stand alone.

In recent weeks, journalists throughout the Netherlands have been frequently threatened and mistreated.

nothing serious, but when the press (zero to do with riots, just turned ANGRY) are chased from a neighborhood by throwing shit, circling and bringing in more and more friends feels very un-Dutch.

too bad, crazy atmosphere.


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