HBO Max is developing a television series about

Harry Potter

, writes

The Hollywood Reporter


The streaming platform is said to be in talks with several screenwriters.

HBO Max, which is part of film giant Warner, is conducting exploratory discussions with several parties and has not yet made a choice for one or more screenwriters.

HBO Max also has no actors in mind.

According to

The Hollywood Reporter

, the rights issue will also pose many challenges.

JK Rowling, author and creator of the seven-part

Harry Potter book

series, has great say in everything that can be earned with the young wizard and his friends.

Warner Bros, on the other hand, does own the streaming rights to the

Harry Potter


However, that agreement will expire in the year 2025.

The development of the television series is therefore urgent.

Warner can also try to renew the agreement.

The eight

Harry Potter

films raised more than 5.7 billion euros worldwide.