Lange Frans took a podcast offline in which he interviewed a woman who has been convicted of fraud with care amounts.

The rapper said he was insufficiently prepared in the matters that were going on and now takes the podcast offline "out of respect for the duped".

"I should have researched and checked a lot more before I had the conversation. Out of respect for the victim of Mrs. Binkerink, I decided to remove the podcast from all channels. My sincere apologies," he writes in a press release that he shares via Instagram.

According to


, a woman was a guest who was sentenced in April 2014 to 20 months in prison, six of which are conditional, for fraud with personal budgets (PGBs).

According to the judge, she issued false invoices for care that was not provided at all.

She was also found guilty of benefit fraud, money laundering of nearly € 674,000 and filing incorrect tax returns.

Lange Frans invited the woman to come and talk about youth care, whistleblowers and former top civil servant Joris Demmink.

On Monday, the rapper's new YouTube channel was removed after a day.

His previous channel on the video platform was also removed in October.

According to YouTube, the October removal was the result of a violation of the video platform's guidelines.

The rapper had said in videos that he believes that politicians maintain a pedophile network.

It is not known why Lange Frans's new YouTube channel was removed.