A dog in the Turkish city of Trabzon waited in front of a hospital for almost a week for its owner who had suffered a brain haemorrhage, international media like

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The four-legged friend was picked up every day by a daughter of the man to feed her and provide her with shelter.

That didn't stop the dog from reappearing in front of the hospital doors every morning.

The owner, Cemal Sentürk, was picked up by ambulance on January 14 after a brain haemorrhage.

His nine-year-old dog Boncuk followed the ambulance on foot, allowing the four-legged friend to remember the route to the hospital.

According to security guard Muhammet Akdeniz, the dog refused to enter the hospital.

"She arrived every morning around 9am and was picked up around midnight. All the while she waited outside. Only when the doors opened did she glance inside, hoping to see her owner."

Sentürk says that "dogs will pay you back with love if you give them enough attention".

The man tried to contact his four-legged friend from his hospital room.

"Sometimes I looked at her through the window and called her name, after which Boncuk barked back."

The 68-year-old man was reunited with Boncuk on Wednesday, when he was able to leave the hospital in a wheelchair.

There was a lot of media attention for the reunification of Boncuk and Cemal Sentürk.

(Photo: AP)