Thijs Boontjes has trouble with men who consider themselves a 'typical man'.

In conversation with


, the musician says that life as a white straight man is easier.

Boontjes believes that the men he hates fall under the 'RTL 7 model'.

The channel that focuses on male viewers in its programming, with many action films and sports.

"The RTL 7 model: they think you should barbecue, but otherwise never have to take care of the food. They think you should pee standing up because otherwise you are half tame. Compared to them, I really think myself a winner ", says Boontjes.

Boontjes understands that as a white heterosexual man he goes through life with a little more comfort.

"Look, I am a white straight man, in 2020 you can no longer ignore the fact that life will be a bit easier. I allow myself a very nice life, but I sometimes feel guilty about it. privileges do look a responsibility, I think. At 3FM I therefore sometimes touch on subjects such as racism. "

Boontjes has recently started working at the radio station as a sidekick on the morning program Sanders Friend Team.

The program starts at 6:00 am, but Boontjes can join an hour later.

"I love to take a shower and have a leisurely breakfast: delicious sandwiches with sprinkles or chocolate spread and Kellogg's."