Yolanthe Cabau remains active on social media, because it is a way for her to make her own voice heard.

The presenter and actress tells in conversation with



that, especially in the period after her divorce, she received "unjustified kicks" in the media and did not recognize herself in the image of herself.

In conversation with America correspondent Michiel Vos, Cabau talks about the downside of social media, but makes it clear why she does not stop.

"Because I got my own voice thanks to social media. Until then, an image of me was created by the magazines. A Yolanthe who was very distant from me. And I couldn't say anything back. You can tell your own story via social media. , without anyone else in between. "

The actress and presenter especially had difficulty with the stories about her curves in the period after her marriage to Wesley Sneijder broke down.

“After Wesley and I split up, I literally lay on the floor in grief. And then I had to read in the magazines that it was me or that it was all about money. Never before have I been in such pain I was lying down, and then I was wrongly kicked after. "

Cabau says she has used the past year to process the events of recent years.

“When I sat at home, I realized how much my life was like an express train right up to the corona time. I was only sixteen when I first appeared on television, actually a child,” she explains.

"I got married, we kept moving to another country, my father died, we had a child. And I kept working; during my pregnancy, after the funeral, after the birth of Xess, after the break with my husband. Due to corona I have been given the time to take a rest and process the past twenty years. "

Cabau divorced Sneijder in 2019, whom she married in 2010.

Together they have a son: Xess Xava (5).