Actors Jan Kooijman, Monic Hendrickx and Shahine El-Hamus will be guests in the new podcast

The Spotlight


Thijs Boermans presents the show.

Actor Thijs Boermans, son of directors Paula van der Oest and Theu Boermans, talks in

The Spotlight

with colleagues about acting.

The conversations can be listened to as a podcast and are also broadcast on YouTube.

Boermans analyzes a favorite scene from his or her career with his guest.

They talk about preparing for the role, the rehearsal process and the challenges that come with it.

The conversations take place in a theater or cinema.

The first episode will be released on January 28.

Robert de Hoog (

Mocro Maffia, Nova Zembla

) will then be a guest.

Other actors appearing in the visual podcast are Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, Susan Radder and Géza Weisz.