Nazmiye Oral (51) has been proposed to by her boyfriend Marcel (50).

The writer and actress tells on Saturday in

Volkskrant Magazine

that she got the proposal during a holiday in Italy.

The two had known each other for some time, but decided to meet in March last year.

They soon got into a relationship and appeared to have separate visions of an impending marriage in Italy.

Still, Oral says she didn't notice when her boyfriend booked a trip to Trento in Italy in the summer.

"No, silly, isn't it? Maybe because I always thought such a marriage was more for women like Leontine Borsato."

During a walk Marcel proposed to his girlfriend.

“At one point we stopped, I turned around, and then I saw so much love coming from him that I thought, 'O-oh. He's going to do it.'

Oral has performed in Amsterdam and New York, won a Golden Calf in 2016 and wrote the novel



Last year she was seen in