Which built-in dishwasher is the best?

And which one has the best price-quality ratio?

NU.nl and the Consumers' Association provide an answer.

Built-in models are the most popular of the dishwashers.

They are standard about 80 to 85 centimeters high and 60 centimeters wide.

If you have a higher worktop, you can also opt for a higher model.

There are also narrower models for when you have less space.

The Consumentenbond tests dishwashers for cleaning, program duration and energy and water consumption, among other things.

A total of 61 readily available dishwashers were tested.

Of the 42 built-in dishwashers tested, one Miele model is the Best in the Test.

A dishwasher from IKEA is the Best Buy.

Best in the Test: Miele G 5260 SCVi

  • Price: 1,199 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.5

  • Number of covers: 14

  • Energy class: A +++

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This Miele is a built-in dishwasher with standard dimensions.

You can fully integrate it into your kitchen.

It offers plenty of space and you can flexibly adjust the cutlery drawer for different types of crockery.

It does very well washing and drying.

Both with the main program and the eco program.

The eco program also uses very little electricity.

You can program the dishwasher up to 24 hours in advance and it shows the remaining time during washing.

Also nice: it makes little noise while spinning.

A disadvantage is the duration of the programs.

The main program lasts almost three and a quarter hours.

That is very long.

The eco program lasts about half an hour longer.

More dishwashers came out Best in the Test.

Here we highlight the dishwasher that is the lowest priced.

Best Buy: Ikea Rengora

  • Target price 350 euros

  • Test verdict: 6.9

  • Number of covers: 13

  • Energy class: A ++

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This IKEA model is a lot cheaper than the Miele.

A good alternative if you don't need the very best dishwasher and prefer to spend a little less.

He does a good job of washing, both with the main and with the eco program.

He does drying especially well during the eco program and less well with the main program.

It is also striking that the dishwasher uses a lot of water during the main program.

It is also difficult to operate and loading and unloading is not very smooth.

The IKEA dishwasher has a more favorable program duration than that of Miele.

The main program takes more than 2 hours and the eco program more than 2.5 hours.


In this column we write weekly about household and technological appliances that have been tested by the Consumers' Association.

This is a collaboration between the independent editorial staff of NU.nl and the Consumers' Association.

The Consumers' Association tests thousands of products every year, together with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad.

The products being tested are bought in the store so that they are not pre-manipulated by manufacturers.

New models are tested as soon as possible after introduction.

How fast that is differs per product.

The Best in the Test is the product with the best test rating.

This can also be a somewhat older model, because a newer model is not always better.

The Best Buy is the product with the best price-quality ratio.