In total, four people died in the storms of the US Capitol, Washington police said.

It was previously known that a woman had died after she was shot in the Capitol, police announced late on Wednesday evening (local time) that three more people have died.

It is not yet clear who shot the woman.

The three other deceased are said to have died after individual medical emergencies around the Capitol.

Police previously confirmed that someone had been shot in the Capitol.

Images circulating on social media show a woman being shot in the parliament building.

She was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Police detained a total of 52 Trump supporters.

Hundreds of Trump protesters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, where Congress had gathered at the time to debate electoral counting.

The final election results would also be determined that evening.

However, due to the storming of the rioters, the hearing had to be postponed.

The Trump protesters broke through the barricade in front of the Capitol and managed to get into the building.

The members of Congress present had to be brought to safety.

The National Guard was mobilized to assist local police in Washington.

To curb the unrest, the city's mayor has imposed a curfew until 6 a.m. local time on Thursday morning.

The state of Virginia will also be in a state of emergency until Thursday morning.

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