Talk shows not only turn trivial quarrels and regional news into topics of national interest, but also have a major impact on public debate. lists a few high-profile talk show moments of 2020.

There was a 2020 before the corona crisis.

That period lasts less than three months, but it does have its own topics of conversation.

The impending competition between the new NPO talk show


and the 'daughter' Eva Jinek, who has left for RTL 4, is one of them.


should not only replace Jinek, but also the (temporarily) retired Jeroen Pauw.

An impossible task, experts say unanimously.

All the more so because the talk show will work with varying duos and the viewer cannot get used to the new program in this way.


is viewed better than expected and is hardly




in the first three months of 2020

, which scores extremely well, especially on Friday evenings, with the help of programs such as

The Voice

that are broadcast before the talk show.




to take the lead in the course of the year.

The farewell to Matthijs

When the viewer has recovered somewhat from the battle between




, he will be

faced with

the end of

De Wereld Draait Door (DWDD) in March

and therefore also the (provisional) end of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

The corona crisis has already set in by then and so the presenter, together with regular table guest Marc-Marie Huijbregts, will be discussing fifteen years of


in an empty television



Visibly emotional, Van Nieuwkerk says goodbye to his viewers.

Although corona has drastic consequences for many studio programs, the virus appears to be the ideal subject for talk shows.

Op1 in



to give a particularly striking shape to the daily conversation about the pandemic, culminating in the special broadcast on 19 April from the chapel of Uden, the Brabant town that was hit hard at the start of the corona crisis.

But according to critics,

Op 1

also too often


people with insufficient knowledge deflate about the virus and the measures taken by the cabinet, without offering an adequate rebuttal.

Other talk shows are also blamed for this.

Famke Louise no longer participated

In September, some well-known and much less well-known Dutch people will join the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee.

One of them is singer Famke Louise.

The movement is fed up with the corona measures, but it is unknown what exactly is no longer being taken part.

Famke Louise tries to

explain to


on Tuesday 22 September

, but she fails to do so blatantly.

More or less immediately after the broadcast, the heavily criticized artist distances himself from the hashtag, which appears to have been initiated by the Virus Truth Foundation.

At the beginning of October, Famke Louise returns to


, this time supported by Diederik Gommers, the chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care.

The duo announces that they are setting up a corona campaign for young people, but it will not be more than an announcement.

"Are we sure this isn't Akwasi?"

But corona isn't the only fuel that will fuel many talk shows this year.

George Floyd, who was killed at the hands of the US police at the end of May, is conducting anti-racism demonstrations worldwide.

During a demonstration in Amsterdam, Akwasi is furious in favor of the abolition of Zwarte Piet.


Veronica Inside

, Johan Derksen wonders "whether we know for sure" that a man dressed as a black Pete at an anti-Black Pete demonstration in Leeuwarden is not Akwasi.

The ruling caused a stir for weeks, but soon it is no longer about institutional racism, but mainly about the survival of the popular football talk show.

Retiring advertisers are forcing the program makers to schedule a special broadcast in which Derksen's statements and

Veronica Inside's

position on the anti-racism debate should be discussed.

John de Mol cannot stop Derksen

The broadcast is so disastrous that Derksen wants to stop.

Genee is not allowed to

talk about his role as mediator

much later in


, but feels somewhat betrayed by presenters Jeroen Pauw and Fidan Ekiz - who accused Arie Boomsma of NSB behavior in the same broadcast.

According to Genee, he is being treated harshly, while Ekiz and Pauw had complimented him just for his arrival for the conscious broadcast of

Veronica Inside


Derksen's departure is short-lived, because John de Mol points out his contract to him.

Akwasi, who, according to Genee, laughingly


an invitation for

Veronica Inside

, is in Beau van Erven Dorens's talk show.

In it he explains that his Dam statement to kick Black Pete on the face was meant figuratively.