Michael Bublé has noticed that he has not become less creative while sitting at home.

The Canadian singer tells NU.nl that in addition to the many negative sides, he also got positive things from the corona era.

As an example of such a creative project, Bublé cites the video clip for his Christmas single with Dolly Parton, which the duo cast in cartoon form.

"It was a really creative project," said the 45-year-old artist.

"I really notice that I - but of course other people from the creative business - flourish in these times. There is a lot less work, but I write more, I sing a lot, I do projects that I would never have done otherwise. to be creative, it never disappears. "

Bublé is also currently working on two new albums.

"One in the jazz and crooner style, as people know me, and the other… I can't say anything about that, then I might curse it", the singer laughs.

Due to the logistical problems of the present time, it is still unclear when the albums will be released.

"Now that many borders are closed, it is difficult to make a record with producers and other musicians. So now I am stuck writing and making contacts so that the albums can be made as soon as possible."

The singer is looking forward to seeing his band members and other colleagues again.

"I miss everyone enormously. My band are my brothers and sisters. Every Friday we video call each other, we haven't been together for so long. I really miss being in front of a large audience, traveling the world and having joy everywhere. spread."


Watch the video clip of Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas

'My career is not important in this crisis'

Bublé emphasizes that it is much more important, however, that the corona pandemic comes to an end.

"I have lost people I love, or people around me have lost others. That is very cruel. My career is not at all important compared to what is happening now. I have also been through a lot (the son was Bublé was serious ill, ed.) and at the time I already noticed how unimportant work actually is. And how lucky I am, with three healthy children and a nice, sexy woman. "

The family therefore stays at home during the holidays.

"It's going to be a

very COVID Christmas

, but we're going to stay positive. We are Christian at home and for us Christmas is more than just Santa Claus. We have had a lot of support for our faith. Most importantly, the magic of Christmas is not disappears for the children. And that they see how beautiful this season is. "