100,000 people watched

The Great Sinterklaas film

in the cinema.

This means that the film, which stars Peter R. de Vries and Bram van der Vlugt, among others, receives Golden Film status.

Due to the corona measures, this is "very unexpected", says Van der Vlugt.

Van der Vlugt, 'Sinterklaas' advisor', finds it incredible, he says in a conversation with NU.nl.

"I don't understand how this is possible with only thirty people in the cinema at the same time. It's a huge party, a big compliment to the makers!"

Van der Vlugt is very pleased with the makers of the film, since making a Sinterklaas film can be quite risky.

"The film can only run for two months, although it may be on DVD or the Internet after that. If you are after money, you should not make a Sinterklaas film. These people are real fans."

The shooting period of

De Grote Sinterklaasfilm

was in June and July.

"Then all corona measures were already there, which certainly did not make it any easier," said the actor.

The film is directed by Lucio Messercola and is about the castle of Saint Nicholas.

That is about to collapse, so everyone has to help with the move, which makes the big party seem to end in the soup.

Christ Tates, Erica Terpstra, Giovanni Caminita, Filip Bolluyt and Wes Mutsaars also play a role in the film.

The Grote Sinterklaasfilm

is the eleventh film this year to receive a Golden Film Award.


Watch the trailer of The great Sinterklaas film (2020) here