US President Donald Trump's campaign team filed a lawsuit on Friday to have the election results in the state of Georgia declared invalid.

Trump previously tried to change the result in vain by means of two recounts.

Trump's team says it has witnesses who have declared fraud under oath.

They would prove that tens of thousands of illegal votes have been counted and that observers have been rejected during the count.

Two previous recounts in Georgia did not change the result.

Trump's rival Joe Biden remained the winner.

The lawsuit is yet another attempt by the president to undo his electoral defeat.

In Georgia, Biden won about 13,000 more votes than Trump.

Incidentally, the results in Georgia make little difference to the end result.

The state is good for sixteen electors.

If Trump is proved right in court and wins in a new poll, put him at 248 electors.

That is insufficient for the 270 required to win the election.

Biden won 306 electors in the election.

The Trump camp has filed dozens of lawsuits in the United States to change the outcome of the Nov. 3 election.

Almost all of those lawsuits have been lost by the president so far.

On Friday he lost business in the states of Michigan and Nevada.

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