Todd Rundgren has commented on his cover of Youp van 't Heks



The American singer-songwriter wanted to record a special Christmas song, he told

Rolling Stone on



"I never really do something like that, because I'm not much of a Christmas fan."

Rundgren says the cover came about because the record label Cleopatra Records asked him to record a Christmas single.

"At first I thought like I always think: What can I do, where no one else would come up with? I found a song that was a hit in Holland, where apparently it's normal to eat a rabbit during Christmas. It's about a boy taking care of a rabbit, until the creature seems to have disappeared from nowhere. "

How exactly he arrived at the number, the 72-year-old Rundgren does not know.

Van 't Hek was surprised with the cover on Wednesday and told that the collaboration had not been announced.

"I got it this morning (Wednesday, ed.) And thought it was very funny. The song is forty years old and he translated it very literally. I am just as amazed as everyone else."

Song has already been listened to 330,000 times

Rundgren has not asked Van 't Hek for permission and, according to the comedian, that is not necessary at all.

"He won't get a

Riding Judge

at the door

from me either

. I don't know exactly how it all works, but he will have to deal with composer Jan Kokken. I know a lot. I am in any case very honored."

Rundgren posted the song to his own YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The song has since been streamed over 335,000 times.