Presenter Frank Kramer passed away last week at the age of 73.

Martin Gaus reminisces about his friend in conversation with

"The broadcasters didn't get everything out of him. He was so unique and could react so incredibly ad rem and shameless."

Gaus and Kramer maintained a friendship for many years and got to know each other in the eighties, when Gaus was a participant in the television program


presented by Kramer


"I was amazed at how large and dominant he was. He made everything to his will and wanted to keep an eye on everything. He hardly tolerated any contradiction."

Gaus only really got to know Kramer afterwards.

"Later I ran into him in eatery De Blauwe Hollander in Amsterdam. That was a Dutch restaurant. There I found out that you could laugh terribly with him and that he had experienced an incredible number of adventures in his life. He always ordered endive stew with a meatball. , nothing else. I once asked why he never ate anything else, then he said, "I like it, don't I?"

According to Gaus, Kramer could also get excited quite quickly.

“If he heard someone chewing a piece of prawn crackers in a restaurant and it crackled audibly, he would walk out the door. He couldn't stand that. He couldn't stand women who talk loudly. could shut up. "

'It was an incredibly beautiful person'

Kramer played in the Eredivisie in the seventies and eighties, but became known especially after his football career, including as a presenter of various game shows.

He presented the KRO programs such as




and was host in the

Frank Kramer Show


In the nineties he somewhat faded from the spotlight and started working for sports channel Eurosport.

When asked whether Gaus thinks that Kramer has made the most of his career, he answers: "The broadcasters did not get everything out of him. He was so unique and could react so incredibly ad rem and shameless. He was an incredibly beautiful person. Faithful hearted. to his friends and always gallant and nice. But in principle also very closed. He was not someone who completely exposed his insides. "

KRO-NCRV has also responded to Kramer's death.

"Today it became known that our former colleague Frank Kramer has passed away. Frank was a multi-talented person who

presented frequently

viewed programs such as




for the KRO

. We wish his family a lot of strength."