A group of fans of

The Lord of the Rings

author JRR Tolkien has started a crowdfunding campaign to prevent the sale of the writer's house.

They want to buy the house themselves and turn it into a Tolkien museum,

The New York Times



The group, which calls itself Project Northmoor (after the street where the house is located), starts the campaign on Wednesday and wants it to last for three months.

During that time, at least 5.3 million dollars (4.3 million euros) must be raised.

That is the asking price of the house.

The target is $ 6 million, so that the rest can be spent on renovations, among other things.

Several celebrities have joined the campaign, including

Lord of the Rings

actors Ian McKellen (Gandalf), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) and Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins).

Project Northmoor wants to establish not only a museum dedicated to Tolkien in the house, but also a literary center where the work of the author can be studied.

Tolkien's house, who died in 1973, has been up for sale since last year.

It has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and a large garden with trees planted by the writer.

Tolkien lived in the house with his wife and four children from 1930 to 1947.

There he wrote

The Hobbit

(1937) and also a large part of

The Lord of the Rings