Furnishing or renovating the bathroom is a big job.

Many decisions have to be made long before any DIY can take place.

What will the color, the atmosphere and the layout be?

Where does the lighting come from?

And are you going for a bath, a shower or both?

To help you on your way, you can use this step-by-step plan from



To work!

Put plans on paper

Furnishing a new bathroom starts with measuring and organizing.

Write down (renovation) plans as extensively as possible on paper.

Make a floor plan to scale, draw the lines and take the turning angles of doors and cabinets into account.

Can't figure it out yourself?

Seeking help from a specialist, such as a contractor or bathroom specialist, is always a good idea.

This way you can assess together which wishes are feasible.

Choosing style and materials

Then determine the style of the bathroom.

Creating a mood board can help with this.

Based on a personal mood board, you get a good picture of your wishes and you can choose matching materials.

Each material radiates a different atmosphere.

Are you going for tiles, mosaics, natural stone or wood on the walls and floor?

"Make a personal mix instead of opting for a ready-made bathroom."

Tip: create a personal mix instead of opting for a ready-made bathroom.

For an atmosphere that suits you completely, you can top it off with eye-catchers such as a special sink, a vintage sink or a Tomado wall rack.

Choose sanitary facilities

Has the style of your new bathroom been determined?

Then it is time to find out plumbing, because without plumbing there is no bathroom.

"Look at your needs: if you like to take a bath but your bathroom is not that big, look for a bath that you can take a good shower in. If you are together in the bathroom every morning, take a large mirror and an extra wide sink" , says Marlon Zwier, art director of



In a



, the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of sanitary facilities are listed.

The right lighting

Good lighting is indispensable.

Make a lighting plan in advance.

What do you find important to illuminate?

This starts with basic lighting, such as a ceiling lamp or spotlights, which illuminate the bathroom completely.

In addition, spotlights and wall lamps in the shower or mirror are ideal.

To create more atmosphere in your bathroom, indirect light can come in handy, such as warm dimmable lamps or a small table lamp on the sink.

Indispensable for the Zen feeling.

Styling bathroom

Ultimately, beautiful bathroom accessories, such as a soft bath mat and wonderfully scented candles, make a nice place in the bathroom.

Could you use some inspiration?

With these small adjustments you create an oasis of peace.