André van Duin and Joop and Janine van den Ende

placed a obituary

in the


on Saturday

for actress Corrie van Gorp.

The trio speaks full of praise for Van Gorp, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 78.

"Corrie was a special woman. She started her career as a classical dancer, but with her humorous talent she soon became more at home in light entertainment. With this talent she already stood out in musicals and the theater shows of Wim Sonneveld", they write. in the ad.

Van Duin and the Van den Ende family also come back to her role that Van Gorp had in the many productions of Van Duin. "In it she seemed to have found her place on the stage for good. She glorified in countless comic roles, including that of Mrs. De Bok was one of her most famous. "

According to the trio, Van Gorp was a "real crowd favorite".

"We cherish fond memories of our unique collaboration over many years with this versatile, talented woman and dear friend."

Corrie van Gorp from Rotterdam died in her sleep last Sunday.

With Van Duin she interpreted the well-known characters Mr. and Mrs. De Bok, with whom they made a television comeback together in 2009 in the weekly

Dik Voormekaar Show.

Her last public appearances date from 2009. After that she withdrew from public life.


Corrie van Gorp plays sketch with André van Duin

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