Visitors to the Ouwehands Zoo have a chance to get a glimpse of Fan Xing from Friday.

The giant panda was born in the zoo more than six months ago, but so far has only been seen on camera images from the cage.

This week, mother and son discover the larger indoor and outdoor enclosure.

"If Fan Xing wants it, he will be on view to visitors from Friday," Ouwehands Zoo reports in a press release.

The zoo claims to have adapted the pandas' outdoor enclosure so that Fan Xing can learn to climb and fall safely.

Once the giant panda has mastered this, the enclosure will be returned to its original state.

According to José Kok of the Zoology department, Fan Xing is "energetic and powerful", and the panda cub also has good motor skills.

Owner of the Rhenen zoo Marcel Boekhoorn does not dare to make any statements about when Fan Xing will show himself to the general public for the first time.

"It's an enterprising giant panda, so anything is possible."

The name Fan Xing refers to the world famous painting

The Starry Night

by Vincent van Gogh.

The gender of the panda only became clear after six months, because he and his mother Wu Wen were left alone for a long time.

Panda cub will stay in Ouwehand Zoo for another three and a half years

The young was born after the mating of Wu Wen and Xing Ya, giant pandas borrowed by the Netherlands from China.

The panda parents may stay in the Netherlands until 2032, but any young belong to China.

Fan Xing must therefore return to China after three and a half years to contribute to an international breeding program of pandas.

The Ouwehands Zoo may open its doors again from this Wednesday.

Zoos, like countless other public locations, were closed for two weeks to combat the flare-up of the corona virus.