Sylvie Meis fears that she will not be able to celebrate Christmas with her family this year.

Due to the corona crisis, there is a good chance that she will not be able to travel to the Netherlands.

"I don't know what the holidays will look like," Meis said on Friday with

RTL Boulevard


The presenter lives in Hamburg, Germany, and should be quarantined for ten days upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Meis says quarantine is not an option because of her work commitments.

"It's such a strange feeling. Normally everything is planned. Then I know when I see Damián (her son, ed.), Then I know when I see my parents."

"I really pray that I can celebrate Christmas with them", continues Meis, who married Niclas Castello in September in Florence, Italy.

"I would be so sorry if that didn't happen. I have no idea what it's like to spend Christmas in Hamburg."

Meis' fourteen-year-old son Damián has been living in Denmark with Rafael van der Vaart, Meis's ex-partner, since this summer.

Damián is part of the youth academy of Esbjerg, the Danish professional club where 109-time Orange international Van der Vaart ended his professional career.