An Oscar-winning hip-hop drama starring Eminem, a romantic movie hit and a zombie movie starring Brad Pitt have been added to Videoland's offering this week.

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Star Trek

Director JJ Abrams made this reboot of the famous science fiction


in 2009, about Captain Kirk and his partner Spock.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto can be seen in the lead roles this time.

They must face Romulan Nero, who wants to destroy the Federation of Planets.

8 Mile

Eminem made his acting debut with this semi-autobiographical drama about a young rapper struggling to make money while making his voice heard in rap battles in Detroit.

Despite his talent, however, Jimmy suffers from stage fright.

Meanwhile, a romance blossoms, while a rival gang makes life miserable for Jimmy.

The title song

Lose Yourself

was awarded an Oscar in 2003.


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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

In this action series sequel starring Angelina Jolie, the title heroine sets out in search of Pandora's Box.

Lara Croft must thus prevent the mythical object from falling into the hands of a dangerous scientist.

The Cradle of Life

was directed by Dutchman Jan de Bont, who previously had success in Hollywood with


and the camera work of

Die Hard.


made a list of

likes and dislikes

for films with Jolie.

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Charlie Bartlett

Rich and intelligent Charlie Bartlett has been kicked out of private schools time and time again.

So his mother sends him to a public high school run by principal Nathan Gardner (Robert Downey Jr.).

Slowly he begins to understand the social hierarchy in the school and crowns himself a psychiatrist.

Leading actor Anton Yelchin, also seen in

Star Trek

, died in 2016 after an accident.

The Holiday

The American film trailer maker Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and the British columnist Iris (Kate Winslet) trade for two weeks in this Christmas comedy.

Although their love lives are on hold, in their new environment they each meet a man who could make a difference.

The Holiday

, with supporting roles for Jack Black and Jude Law, grossed more than $ 200 million worldwide at the end of 2006.


Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap places on The Holiday

The Break-Up

This romantic comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn as a couple ending their relationship.

However, this turns out to be more problematic than they thought, because they have both invested money in their joint home and refuse to leave.

The Break-Up

recently disappeared from Videoland but has been re-added since Wednesday.

World War Z

Panic breaks out in

World War Z

when a virus turns people into murderous zombies.

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a former United Nations employee, must travel the world to stop the pandemic before all of humanity is destroyed.

There have been rumors for a number of years about a sequel to this zombie film from 2013, but there are no concrete plans yet.

World War Z

can be seen on Videoland from Thursday.

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film series

Five films have now been released about Jason Bourne, the spy with amnesia who is slowly getting his memories back.

For example, he gets into trouble with the Treadstone organization, which would like to silence its former employee as soon as possible.

Matt Damon played the title role in the first three


films, after which Jeremy Renner portrayed a new character in

The Bourne Legacy.


Jason Bourne

, the fifth film in the series, Damon returned.

The film series can be seen on Videoland from Friday.


Criminal Minds

In this crime series, a team of FBI agents dive into the heads of murderers.

The special Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) works on a variety of cases, paying a lot of attention to the psychology of criminals.

The first fourteen seasons of

Criminal Minds

briefly disappeared from Videoland but can be found on the streaming service again since this week.

Love Island USA

The first two seasons of

Love Island USA

have been on Videoland since this week.

In this dating show, single men and women are followed during their stay in a luxurious vacation home.

Participants must form couples in order to stay on the tropical island for as long as possible.


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