Caroline van Eeden has recently gotten to know herself well: during her participation in the SBS program

All hands on deck

, she came to the conclusion that she wants to choose more for herself and, above all, does not care much about negativity.

The reality star, who viewers know from the first seasons of

Chateau Meiland

, tells in conversation with that she was very confronted with herself while sailing the Northern Ocean route with a sailing boat.

"Then I sat on the front of the boat and looked out over that infinite water. You have no influence from others who, however well-intentioned, advise you, or interfere with you. You process things, your whole life passes the And so I came to the conclusion that I want to choose more for myself and less for others, which I always did, "says Van Eeden.

"Physically it was tough too. You sleep little, especially if you already have trouble, as I normally do. Then I had to sleep during the day because I had a night shift, but I prefer to look around me. Then tiredness strikes. yes. Which also made for hilarious moments: when you are so tired, you can laugh at things much faster, for example when you are totally tossed back and forth when the boat is caught by a wave. "

'Don't judge people directly'

Together with Victor Reinier, Marco Kroon, Imanuelle Grives and Rintje Ritsma, Van Eeden spent three weeks on the boat, during which they experienced everything together with the experienced team of five-time sailing world champion Hans Bouscholte.

Van Eeden did not know anyone beforehand, but of course had received the stories from the media about her fellow candidates.

"I learned that too: don't judge people directly. Everyone has their own opinion and that is human, but now I have really noticed how much people can surprise you. Marco Kroon has become one of my best friends after this trip, it is such a sweet, committed man ", says Van Eeden about the William Order-awarded soldier who was discredited in 2007 after he said he had killed a man in Afghanistan who had previously held him prisoner and tortured him.

In 2019, he was convicted of headbutted a cop.

Opinions about Van Eeden

Much has also been written about Van Eeden in recent years: after she


Chateau Meiland

, tabloids speculated about the reason, and after Martien Meiland wrote in his biography about a quarrel between Van Eeden and his daughter, there was talk of 'audience deception ' in the program.

Van Eeden does not want to comment on those stories.

"Judge me, tell your story. But I know how I experienced it and how I feel about it. And what I am sure: we have all been honest, in

All hands on deck

there is no lie. There will be no audience deception. committed: what you see is what you get. And so it is with me. I'm honest, and if you don't like that, that's fine too. "

All hands on deck can be seen on SBS6 from Monday 9 November at 8.30 pm.