The program

Hunting Season

of the men of


, which until now was only shown on YouTube, will be shown on SBS6 next spring.

The men report this on Monday in a broadcast of



StukTV consists of Giel de Winter, Thomas van der Vlugt and Stefan Jurriens.

In the

Hunting Season


, the three men try to trace a 'challenger' within four hours.

The challengers are well-known Dutchmen and must remain untraceable for De Winter, Van der Vlugt and Jurriens for as long as possible.

The first episode of the fifth season, in which YouTube star Enzo Knol was hunted, was watched by 1.6 million people.

"We are program makers after all, so it tickles enormously to show the television world what we can do", says Giel de Winter of StukTV.

"And we thought this was the time. So we're going to SBS6 in the spring, which is a hugely exciting step."

More will be announced at a later stage about the series, which will be shown in the spring of 2021.