OG3NE has not yet had contact with (the team of) Dolly Parton after the country singer complimented the sisters in a video about their version of her hit



They would like to meet her sometime, they say in conversation with NU.nl.

"We haven't had any contact with Dolly yet," says Lisa Vol.

"People overestimate that, haha. In these times it is more difficult, otherwise you might have said: we will come to Dolly's way. So that may come when the situation calms down again. It is of course unwise that they who has given great compliments. It would be really nice to speak to her. "

The sisters made the cover of


for the special 'home isolation' sessions.

In this video series, recorded during the first wave of the corona virus, the OG3NE members sang covers of well-known songs and their own songs from their own homes.

This also resulted in hymns from other well-known musical colleagues.




Bohemian Rhapsody performance

on their Instagram channel and we got a private message from one of the Earth, Wind & Fire band members about the medley we sang,” said Shelley.

"Of course we would not have dared to hope this in advance. We do not know what else is coming and what we might be able to achieve as a result."

The sisters have not yet planned a new series of 'home isolations'.

"Because we don't know if and when we will be quarantined again," said Shelley.

"But if the time does come, we will probably do something creative again. For now we will focus on new songs and current plans."


Dolly Parton responds to O'G3NE's Jolene cover