Fred van Leer says he needs time to deal with the leakage of a sex video in which he can be seen.

The 44-year-old Rotterdam presenter and stylist writes this on Instagram on Friday.

"I was very moved by all the sweet messages and the compassion," said Van Leer.

"It is terrible what happened. I need time to process it, so I will be offline for some time to come. I am surrounded by lovely people who take good care of me."

The sex video was leaked on social media on Thursday evening.

It is not known who distributed the images.

Van Leer's management announced that they were aware of the video, but did not wish to respond further.

"This is private, which should also be kept private."

It is not clear whether Van Leer reported the crime.

Van Leer's video circulated on the day that the distributors of Patricia Paay's pee sex video were convicted by the North Holland court.

Michel V. (42) was sentenced to one month in prison, while Ernst van der S. (47) was sentenced to 50 hours of suspended community service.

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