Anna Wintour would be single again after a relationship of more than twenty years.

The 70-year-old editor of the American


and her husband Shelby Bryan have not yet confirmed the news,

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Sources say that Bryan would have gone back to his ex-wife, Katherine Bryan, and that would be the reason for the breakup.

This news is not confirmed either, although friends of Katherine say that the two are only friendly because they have children together.

Wintour and her future ex-husband have not been seen together for several months.

The relationship has been under tension for some time: in 2013, the first rumors about a possible end of the relationship started.

At the time, it turned out that Ryan still had to pay about 1.2 million dollars in tax.

Wintour married Bryan in 2004.

She was previously married to David Shaffer with whom she had two children.