Tori Spelling has

suffered from (online) harassment about her appearance

since she broke through in

Beverly Hills, 90210


It has always stopped the actress from showing her face from the front, she writes on Instagram on Tuesday.

"I hated my eyes," writes the 47-year-old Spelling.

"When I started at


when I was 16, I had really low self-esteem."

She was bullied a lot by internet trolls.

"Yep, they already existed then. They said I had frog or insect eyes."

It made the actress decide never to look straight into the (photo) camera.

"That's a choice, my choice. Because a vulnerable, innocent and enthusiastic girl showed her face to an audience and was eaten alive."

She says she never forgets the hurtful words Spelling read about her appearance.

"Those choices I made are the result of nameless and faceless accounts. Cyberbullying existed then and is now worse than ever."

It is not known which accounts Spelling is referring to, as

Beverly Hills, 90210 was launched

in 1991 and the Internet was not widely used until later in the 1990s.

Spelling can now appreciate her own face.

"I love my eyes, they make me who I am. And I rarely wear sunglasses."