At the beginning of this month, one or more unknowns damaged at least 70 objects in museums in the German capital Berlin, the police confirmed to the newspaper

Die Zeit




This is one of the greatest destruction of art objects in Germany since the end of the Second World War, the two media write.

Egyptian sarcophagi, sculptures and paintings from the nineteenth century, among others, have been sprayed with an oily substance.

The stuff has left stains on the objects.

According to

Die Zeit

, neither the public nor other museums that could have run a risk have been informed about the vandalism.

It is not clear why this is so.

The museums affected include the Pergamon Museum, Neuen Museum and Alten Nationalgalerie.

It is unclear who is behind the attacks and what drives them.

Die Zeit

reports that the conspiracy ideologist Attila Hildmann wrote on social media in August and September that the "Throne of Satan" is located in the Pergamon Museum.

It would be the center of the "worldwide Satanist scene and corona criminals." "Here they sacrifice their people at night and abuse children."