The Belgian singer-songwriter Milow, who can currently be seen in the thirteenth season of

Beste Zangers

, thinks that the emotions in the program run so high because there are many personal conversations.

In conversation with, the singer says that these conversations also take place when the cameras are not running.

"I know that people who don't like the program that much say that it cries too much, but I can only say that I like how people can react to music. One experiences it in silence and the other is visibly moved. When I see that someone has been hit, I empathize with it even more, "said Milow, known for hits like

You Don't Know


Ayo Technology


You And Me (In My Pocket)


"You also have to see the emotions in context. As a group of artists you get to know each other well and you feel safe together. Everyone shares a lot of personal stories and that really does not only happen when the cameras are running. You are candid with each other and then you see your emotions more easily. "

'Not knowing all the artists is part of the challenge'

It is not the first time for Milow that he has performed other people's songs on television.

The Fleming also participated in the Belgian (

Love for Music

) and German (

Sing meinen Song

) version of the program.

“It just so happens that all three programs were recorded in 2019. At the beginning of the year, I traveled to Spain and South Africa for the Belgian and German versions. Then I was allowed to go to Ibiza again for

Best Singers

. I was very amused with the first two, so when I was also asked for the Dutch show, it certainly didn't feel like the new thing was already gone, but that it tasted like more. I was at a point in my career, where I wanted to try things and the format is ideal for that. I really had to get out of my comfort zone to not sing in English for once. "

“Also in Best Singers there were some artists I didn't know very well, but that's also part of the challenge.

You listen to their music with fresh ears. ”

The 39-year-old singer explains that each group of artists provides a different dynamic and experience.

"Even the evenings where my music revolved were three times very different, because the artists had barely chosen the same songs. It was really a surprise party."

He admits that the German version took the most preparation, as he had to learn German in three months and was unfamiliar with most of the performers.

"Also in

Beste Zangers

there were some artists that I did not know very well, but that is also part of the challenge. You listen to their music with fresh ears. For example, you do not know which song was a hit and you judge the songs on musicality. place of commercial success. "

'Most nervous for Stef Bos cover'

Milow says

he enjoyed

Best Singers

the most

because he knew what to expect and there was no language barrier.

“There really are nerves involved in this type of program, because you are playing a song like that live for the first time in front of television, often for the artist who wrote the song, and you don't have the energy of an audience to get over it. Because it was the third time I did it, I knew what was coming. At

Beste Zangers

I immediately felt good with the group of artists. There was a good atmosphere and I have very good memories. "

Milow had particularly good memories of his Best Singers participation.

(Photo: Rachel Schraven)


Belgian was the most nervous about

his version of

Is Dit Nu Later

by Stef Bos.

"I always try to give a new dimension to covers, so that it doesn't become karaoke. With Stef's song, I was in the bathroom on the day itself trying to figure out how to vocally control the song."

"Luckily Stef sent me a message after the broadcast about how happy he was with the version. Hopefully the song will now get a larger, younger audience thanks to the program."

The episode of


Zangers in which Milow's music is central can be seen on NPO1 on Thursday 15 October at 8.35 pm.


Milow - Now Is This Later