Melanie C finds it shocking to now read the language of the British tabloid press in the 1990s, around the heyday of the Spice Girls.

The singer tells in conversation with that the tabloids now work more subtly.

"Now when I look back at how the British tabloid press wrote in the 1990s, I find the language really shocking. People were written in a very nasty way. That has changed a bit now. You are no longer called names, but the undertone. can still be hostile, "said Melanie Chisholm, as 'Sporty Spice' is called in full.

The singer has previously stated in interviews that the way in which her appearance was written by the tabloid press contributed to the depression and eating disorder that she faced earlier in her career.

The Spice Girl considers herself lucky that there was no social media in the heyday of the band.

"You are now an easy target for criticism from any

keyboard warrior

. You have to deal with hatred and it is not easy to deal with, especially when you are young," said Chisholm, who in the heyday of the Spice Girls was in their early twenties.

Yet artists cannot escape the use of social media.

"There is a lot of pressure on young artists to promote themselves there. It is a dangerous game where it is difficult to determine where your work ends and your private life begins."

Even now, the 46-year-old singer completely avoids reactions on social media.

"I know that one negative reaction keeps haunting my mind anyway, so it's better for my mental state to just not look at it."


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