Gambia Hamsterrat Magawa has been awarded a prestigious gold medal by a British charity for detecting landmines in Cambodia, the




During his career, Magawa discovered 39 landmines.

Magawa was awarded the medal by the British charity PDSA for its "life-saving dedication to locating and defusing deadly landmines in Cambodia".

Magawa is the first rat of the thirty animals that have already received the prize.

For this, the prize was only won by dogs.

The seven-year-old rodent was trained for a year in Apopo in Tanzania, an organization that teaches the animals to detect landmines and tuberculosis.

The rats are specially trained to detect the chemical compound in the land mines.

Once they find an explosive, they scratch the top so that it can be dismantled by humans.

The rats are light enough to walk over a mine without it exploding.

Cambodia still has about 6 million active landmines as the remains of wars in the country.

Dozens more Cambodians die every year from an exploded land mine.