Dries Roelvink wants to end the quarrel between his sons Dave and Donny Roelvink.

The brothers have been at odds with each other for months and that is why the folk singer sits around the table with them.

"On that occasion, the word must get out," he told

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According to Roelvink, there has been "noise" between the two for months and it is time for that to end.

They would both be open to that.

"This week I had the youngest (Donny, ed.) Visiting me and I suggested that the three of us quickly go out for lunch.

The 61-year-old singer hopes that his sons will throw everything on the table during the conversation.

"On that occasion the word has to get out. It's been going for a while, yes."

Roelvink had hoped that the brothers would resolve the argument on their own, but that did not happen.

"At first I was like: I'll just leave them for a while, that will solve itself. But it can also take too long. You know how that goes between brothers, there is something everywhere."

According to Dave's management, this is "a hitch" and it is good that the argument is settled under the leadership of father Dries.