The Alsfeld District Court has sentenced a young hacker who had obtained massive amounts of data from celebrities and politicians to nine months suspended prison sentence.

The court announced on Wednesday that the judgment was final.

The 22-year-old from Homberg (Ohm) admitted the allegations in the closed hearing before the youth lay judge.

The probation period is two years.

He was convicted, among other things, of spying on data and stealing data.

After the talk of 1,000 victims before the trial, the public prosecutor's office is now talking of over 1,500 victims.

The case had caused a stir nationwide in early 2019.

"It was obviously the case that the defendant had no special technical knowledge and did not use it," said Chief Public Prosecutor Benjamin Krause from the Frankfurt Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) during a break in negotiations.

According to the investigation, the 22-year-old had started to collect private data such as addresses, telephone and credit card numbers and correspondence out of anger at public statements by his victims.

On the short message service Twitter, he gradually published the data in a kind of "Advent calendar".

The trial started without the press or spectators because the defendant was still considered a young person at the time of the crime.

To protect him, the court banned audio and video recordings in the courthouse.