Based on the novel of the same name by British writer Caitlin Moran, the partly autobiographical film

How to Build a Girl

with Beanie Feldstein in the lead role will be

released on Monday


Moran, who wrote the script, hopes to appeal to women who sometimes feel "different".

"In Hollywood, when they think of empowerment, they think of a sexy female scientist who practices kung-fu, but that's not the image I wanted to portray. I find that depressing," Moran tells

The 45-year-old writer prefers to show ordinary people who tackle their problems with humor and who are not punished by society.

"I get so tired of female characters being tormented again and again. I would never do that to my female characters."

Beanie Feldstein in How to Build a Girl.

(Photo: Lionsgate)

'Didn't realize how difficult that role was'

Moran did not immediately have an idea of ​​what the lead actress in the film should look like.

"I didn't realize how difficult the role I wrote was. It was a tall, young, innocent woman who is also smart and funny," said the author.

"She undergoes a massive transformation and turns into some kind of bitch, but you have to keep liking her as a viewer. And frankly, we just couldn't find anyone here in Britain. At one point the producers saw Beanie Feldstein in

Lady Bird.

and then we knew we had the right person. "

"Although I thought I had mastered British accents, it turned out to be a rather naive thought."

Beanie Feldstein, lead actress How to Build a Girl

For Feldstein, the film "felt like a challenge on all fronts".

"Suddenly I was in Wolverhampton to learn the local dialect," says the American actress of the place where Moran grew up.

"And while I thought I had mastered British accents, it turned out to be a rather naive thought."

The fact that the 27-year-old actress can be seen in almost every scene was also a new thing for her.

“I have been on quite a journey too: from optimistic and sociable girl to critical bitch. It was so educational. My favorite scene was one where I wear a bikini made of garbage bags, because I am at a party where there is a hot tub. But I don't have swimwear with me. I hear men talking about me in a nasty way and then I give such a great speech that I blow everyone away. It felt so powerful. "

How to Build a Girl

will be available for digital download on all major platforms starting September 21.